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The Secret of the Nightingale Palace (Paperback)

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The Secret of the Nightingale Palace by Dana Sachs is the poignant story of an estranged grandmother and granddaughter and a secret that ties them together.

After her husband dies from leukemia, Anna agrees to help hard-to-please Goldie to bring a collection of valuable Japanese art from New York to California. Harboring a decades-old secret that could change Anna’s life forever, Goldie must learn to let go of her past so her granddaughter can move on and discover happiness and love.

With a narrative that alternates between early 1940s San Francisco and the present day, The Secret of the Nightingale Palace is a beautiful story about the enduring power of love and family.

About the Author

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Dana Sachs is a freelance journalist who has written for a number of magazines and newspapers, including "Mother Jones", the "San Francisco Chronicle", and the "Philadelpia Inquirer". She has translated Vietnamese novels into English and codirected the award-winning documentary about Vietnam "Which Way Is East." A graduate of Wesleyan University and the MFA program at UNC-W, she teaches journalism and Vietnamese literature courses at UNC-W and lives with her husband and son in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Praise For…

“ IF YOU LIVED HERE is filled with dramatic moments. Author Dana Sachs deserves to be listened to.”
-Things Asian

“Candid and large-hearted.”

“Charming moments and telling insights.”
-St. Louis Post-Dispatch on THE HOUSE ON DREAM STREET

“Love, in its various incarnations, is the central theme of Sachs’ tale--big love that’s revealed in small signs and little gestures.”
-Morning Star Wilmington (NC)

“Part memoir, part travelogue, the account…reads like a novel.”

“Parts of this book are genuinely beautiful…Sachs is particularly skilled at evoking the smells, sounds and rhythms of Hanoi.”
-Orlando Sentinel on THE HOUSE ON DREAM STREET

“Lovingly crafted…The writing has the endearing, straightforward and meticulous quality of diary entries. Her prose is clean, allowing for some quietly elegant passages.”
-San Jose Mercury News on THE HOUSE ON DREAM STREET

“Passionate, perceptive.”

“Poignant...A well-told story, with appealing characters, delightful moments and a satisfyingly real ending.”
-Charlotte Observer

“Precise and vivid.
-Columbus Dispatch

“Sachs bravely renders Vietnam through fresh eyes.”
-Publishers Weekly on THE HOUSE ON DREAM STREET

“Sachs is an engaging and sensitive writer who tells her story ably.”

“Sachs traces through each of her visits to Vietnam…with humor, poignancy and well-written grace.”
-The Colorado Review on THE HOUSE ON DREAM STREET

“Says more about Vietnamese culture than any book published to date, just as it proves that the language of the heart can leap social and political bounds.”
-Lexington Herald-Leader on THE HOUSE ON DREAM STREET

“...An uncannily moving novel of the Vietnamese experience in America. Dana Sachs is a one-woman power grid, her book electric company.”
-Tom Bissell, author of God Lives in St. Petersburg and The Father of All Things

“This is Dana Sachs’s best yet. THE SECRET OF THE NIGHTINGALE PALACE is a charming story, beautifully told. Her prose puts one in mind of the Japanese prints she writes about: colorful, spare, and evocative.”
-George Bishop, author of Letter to My Daughter

“Dana Sachs’s beautifully written novel, The Secret of the Nightingale Palace, is so pitch perfect that you’ll be sad when it’s over. A gifted storyteller, Sachs has created a multi-generational page-turner that will keep you reading late into the night. Brilliant!”
-Celia Rivenbark, author of You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl

Product Details
ISBN: 9780062201034
ISBN-10: 0062201034
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: February 19th, 2013
Pages: 348
Language: English