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Evelyn:  Hayley: Sofia:

"Citra and Roman don’t want to kill. Which makes them the perfect people for the job. In a society set during a Utopian future where all disease has been eradicated and humans live forever, there are Scythes. Scythes kill, and Scythes must kill, as people can only die by Scythes. Citra and Roman, two ordinary immortal teens, are taken on as apprentices to a Scythe. Unwillingly, the two are shoved into the cruel world of the Scythedom and are told “thou shalt kill” by this mysterious organization of legalized murder."  (more)

"Two girls, one secret, and the loss of a lifetime….

Meet Ariel: she’s seventeen, a daddy’s girl, and is always on the go.  It’s been a lifetime of new apartments, new schools, new friends and faces and plans…. now all Ariel wants is to settle down. Stay in one place long enough to know roads by heart and build memories across every square foot of a town." (more) 

"Charlotte Holmes and James Watson are the great-great-great-grandchildren of the famous duo; Sherlock and Dr. Watson. In this first installment of their adventure together, Charlotte and James attend a boarding school in Connecticut. After the murder of a chauvinist jock, the pair unite to solve a murder mystery before their time runs out. Told from the trusted eyes of a Watson, A study in Charlotte is an action-packed page turner filled with death threats, poison, and mysterious Moriartys." (more)

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