Blood & Tacos: The Beginning

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BLOOD & TACOS: THE BEGINNING, the print-only omnibus that collects the hard-fisted, pistol-packing fiction stories from the first four issues of Blood & Tacos, is now available.From the four corners of the globe, authors such as Ray Banks, Gary
Phillips, Josh Stallings, Robert Kroese, Cameron Ashley, Todd Robinson,
Stephen Mertz and a dozen other authors dug up stories of action and
adventure that will literally explode your brains.
Relive the tales of The Silencer, The Albino Wino, Tiger Team
Bravo, Father Dukes, The Chemistrator, L.A.N.D.B.O.A.T. (The Boat That
Goes on Land), Studs Winslow, Sunshine: Stripper Assassin, Chingón, and all the rest of the Blood & Tacos heroes and heroines that you’ve grown to adore. 

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