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The Cruel Prince meets Ninth House in this dangerously romantic dark academia fantasy, where a lost heiress must infiltrate an arcane society and live with the vampire she suspects killed her family and kidnapped her sister. 

It began long before my time, but something has always hunted our family.

Orphaned heiress Kidan Adane grew up far from the arcane society she was born into, where human bloodlines gain power through vampire companionship. When her sister, June, disappears, Kidan is convinced a vampire stole her—the very vampire bound to their family, the cruel yet captivating Susenyos Sagad.
To find June, Kidan must infiltrate the elite Uxlay University—where students study to ensure peaceful coexistence between humans and vampires and inherit their family legacies. Kidan must survive living with Susenyos—even as he does everything he can to drive her away. It doesn’t matter that Susenyos’s wickedness speaks to Kidan’s own violent nature and tempts her to surrender to a life of darkness. She must find her sister and kill Susenyos at all costs.
When a murder mirroring June’s disappearance shakes Uxlay, Kidan sinks further into the ruthless underworld of vampires, risking her very soul. There she discovers a centuries-old threat—and June could be at the center of it. To save her sister, Kidan must bring Uxlay to its knees and either break free from the horrors of her own actions or embrace the dark entanglements of love—and the blood it requires.


About the Author

Tigest Girma is an Ethiopian writer based in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating with a Bachelor of Education, she splits her time between writing and teaching. Passionate about exploring East African characters and myths, her work weaves Black stories with the dark and fantastical. In her free time, she can be found rewatching her comfort shows where the villain gets the girl. She invites you to visit her at or Immortal Dark is her debut novel.


Praise For…

“A darkly compelling story that sinks its teeth in you and doesn’t let go. With a layered plot that keeps you guessing and morally grey characters you can’t help but root for, Immortal Dark is an enthralling, masterful debut. I’m obsessed with this cut-throat world.” 
 —Pascale Lacelle, New York Times bestselling author of Curious Tides

"Immortal Dark is everything it promises to be—a completely original, deliciously dark take on vampires that pulls none of its punches. I had my heart in my mouth from the first page to the very last."—Sarah Underwood, New York Times bestselling author of Lies We Sing to the Sea

"Immortal Dark is a decadent dark academia fantasy that’s as entrancing as it is haunting. With enthralling characters, a thrilling plot, and a delicious mystery, Tigest Girma serves up vampires like never before seen."—Nia Davenport, Award Winning Author of The Blood Gift Duology

“Girma’s Immortal Dark crackles with razor-sharp tension as it draws you into the alluring and esoteric world of Black vampires and the morally ambiguous humans who are bound to them. Weaving magic and myth together in a story that’s part fantasy, part dark-academia, Girma deftly explores questions of morality with nuanced writing, an immersive plot, and a beautifully-flawed heroine who embraces her own vulnerability and darkness in her journey towards truth and vengeance. A breathless, breathtaking debut that tempts as much as it haunts.”—Deborah Falaye, award-winning author of Blood Scion.

Intoxicating, compelling, and violently romantic, Immortal Dark demands to be made an obsession. With lush and impactful prose, Girma spins a tale of love and fury that aches in all the right places. This is, quite simply, the enemies-to-lovers story you’ve been waiting for.” —M.K. Lobb, author of Seven Faceless Saints

"Immortal Dark is deliciously devious. This story sunk its teeth into me on the very first page and refused to let go. Never have I rooted for morally gray characters more, and I cannot wait to see where Girma takes us next."—Angela Montoya, author of Sinner's Isle

"A deeply seductive tale that is part dark academia, part revenge mystery, part romance, Immortal Dark is brimming with as much philosophical discussions as murder and mayhem. Girma's take on vampire lore is imaginative and brilliantly crafted. Impossible to put down."—Tanvi Berwah, author of Monsters Born and Made

A ferocious debut from an innovative new voice, Immortal Dark doesn’t shy away from the darkness of its world or the darkness inside us all. Thanks to its detailed worldbuilding, vicious heroine, and suspenseful twists, you’ll support women’s wrongs from bloody start to finish.” —Kamilah Cole, author of So Let Them Burn

Kamilah Cole, author of So Let Them Burn

“Girma masterfully spins a tale of dark academia and irresistible vampires with the perfect balance of hope, horror, and the secrets that lurk in the dark. A story of family legacy and human and supernatural ambition, Immortal Dark kept me reading long into the night. A fresh, devious spin on vampires that’s sure to delight.”—Rena Barron, author of The Kingdom of Souls trilogy

"A deliciously dark story teeming with morally grey characters you can't help but root for-- even as you question who you can trust. Immortal Dark delivers a terrifying vicious protagonist, a fresh take on vampires, and heartpounding twists."—Gabi Burton, author of Sing Me to Sleep

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ISBN: 9780316581448
ISBN-10: 0316581445
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2024
Pages: 432
Language: English