Phantom of the Auditorium (Goosebumps (Pb Unnumbered)) (Prebound)

Phantom of the Auditorium (Goosebumps (Pb Unnumbered)) By R. L. Stine Cover Image
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Get Goosebumps with the startling repackage of a bestselling classic. Now with bonus materials

Brooke's best friend, Zeke, has been given the lead role in the school play, "The Phantom." Zeke's totally into it. He loves dressing up in the grotesque phantom costume. And scaring the other members of the cast. Brooke thinks Zeke's getting a little too into it.

But then really scary things start happening. A message appears on a piece of scenery: "The Phantom Strikes " A stage light comes crashing down.

Is someone trying to ruin the play?

Or is there really a phantom living under the stage?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780606229661
ISBN-10: 0606229663
Publisher: Turtleback Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 2011
Pages: 126
Language: English
Series: Goosebumps (Pb Unnumbered)