Fate and the Exogames (Paperback)

Fate and the Exogames By G. A. John Cover Image
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In a world where Earth has become uninhabitable, the remaining human population live in a colossal space station which they call Second Earth. Twenty year old Fate Artemis has been convicted of a crime to which he cannot recall the events. The Council of High Judges allow him two options; to spend the next fifty rotations around the sun in isolation from Mars, or to compete in the biennial Exogames, an interplanetary competition with five difficult and deadly tasks. The only requirement entry is to commit an offence of the law. His survival would guarantee his freedom but it won't be that easy. The further the games progress, the more challenging they become. With the help of his friends and fellow players, Fate Artemis tries to uncover the truth to his crimes whilst trying to survive all five rounds of the Exogames. Can he make it out alive or is his entire world about to end?

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ISBN: 9780645186840
ISBN-10: 0645186848
Publisher: Silasta Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English