Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming to Doing (Paperback)

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Accomplished How to go from Dreaming to Doing takes you through a simple, step by step system that gives you the foundation and structure to take your goals and make them happen.Mindset has been shown to be a critical factor in the achievement of any goal. By cultivating a new mindset you will gain the self-confidence and a new level of self-leadership to commit to your dream, overcome stress and obstacles that will try to pull you off course, and create a plan customized to your strengths and personal goals.Written with the entrepreneurial, ambitious woman in mind this book acknowledges achievement is fun As a go-getter you may find yourself losing energy and enthusiasm for your goal in the crush of other obligations, fires that need to be put out, and people who do not have the same standards, ideals and expectations that you have.Accomplished will not only see you through any achievement, you will be forever changed by the experience you have reading through the book and completing the companion course. This personal development program has been developed through years of research, personal experience and by countless women on their own journey to personal glory.Accomplished will be your guide taking you from what is in your imagination to the execution of your carefully crafted plan.
  • It will reveal desires may not yet have realized or openly put words to
  • It explains why you've been able to achieve some goals while others remain elusive
  • It lays the foundation to allow you to be at your best through every stage of making your dream a reality
When we are not seeing the changes we want we often look to outside sources to explain the problem, giving our power over the situation away and hurting our self-esteem. Accomplished takes a different approach.
  • It peels back the layers of misconceptions that you have about yourself and introduces you to the alter egos that appear when you are under stress.
  • It gives you the opportunity to get to know the woman you really are underneath all the coping, the stress reactions, and the expectations of others.
  • It guides you through a process to uncover and articulate your personal mission - the "work" that will bring you alive, bringing your best self forward in each moment.
  • It gives you an opportunity to reflect on the people whom you spend the most time with and start to identify the specific qualities you want in the people who surround you.
This is the secret to accomplishing goals you had only wished or struggled for up until now. And all of this inside work will lead to a strong desire to make something happen in your life. In this final stage Accomplished guides you through crafting goals that are worthy of the real you.Finishing with tips on how to stay motivated along the way and highlighting some common pitfalls for ambitious entrepreneurial women Accomplished will soon have you getting things done - checking off your to do list and your wishlist."If you've spent even one minute thinking - knowing - that there is something more out there just waiting for you to grab ahold of it but you're not sure how, then this book is for you. The journey to achieving whatever true success is for you starts with mindset, then getting to know one's self, and finally, being able to execute. Through a series of lessons and exercises, Jodi has every step laid out for her reader, all placed brilliantly with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor."Kate EricksonEntrepreneur on Fire.
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Publication Date: November 11th, 2016
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