Brave Boundaries: Strategies to Say No, Stand Strong, and Take Control of Your Time: The Key to Living Empowered (Paperback)

Brave Boundaries:  Strategies to Say No, Stand Strong, and Take Control of Your Time: The Key to Living Empowered  By Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD Cover Image
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An essential guide for women on how to set strong, workable boundaries to safeguard their health, happiness, and wellbeing.


No matter how educated they are or how far they have climbed up the ladder, women are taught one thing over and over at every stage of their lives: when someone asks you for help, you say yes. Women are supposed to agree to take on whatever is asked of them, regardless of how busy they are. No matter how much a woman deeply desires to say no, the societal expectation is that women are helpers—taught to fix problems, show up at all times, and not let people down. They are instructed to never say no to tasks or duties asked of them, even when they are drowning in work and barely hanging on by a thread. Rather than say no, they often become avoiders and lose opportunities for personal growth. This leads to feelings of immense failure, inauthenticity, and burnout.

Dr. Sasha Shillcutt has known this feeling, too, but now she understands and shows women there is another way. Having coached thousands of professional women and business leaders in her classes and conferences, she knows that setting boundaries is the essential lesson that they need to learn in order to avoid burnout and a loss of themselves in their incessant drive to please and say yes.  In her special down-to-earth way, Sasha will show readers how to erect fences that protect their physical and mental health while providing opportunities for joy and growth. Readers will learn that boundaries are kind, not restrictive, and being a person with boundaries is the most empowering and peaceful way to live. They will learn to say no to others and say yes to themselves.

About the Author

Sasha Shillcutt, MD, is a tenured professor of anesthesiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a gender-equity researcher, award-winning clinician, professional coach, and speaker. In 2016, she launched her organization Brave Enough, where she leads a community of thousands of women. She teaches women how to have work-life control through coaching, courses and conferences. Her passion is empowering women to be brave enough in their professional and personal lives to set boundaries. She speaks often at conferences, workshops, and retreats, including her annual conference for women’s leadership and wellbeing on the topics of career burnout, boundaries, and developing resilient leaders. In 2016, Sasha was awarded the national American Medical Association’s Women Physician’s Inspiring Physician Award by her peers.

Praise For…

"An essential and 'real world practical' instructional DIY guide for women on how to set strong, workable boundaries to safeguard their health, happiness, and wellbeing, "Brave Boundaries: Strategies to Say No, Stand Strong, and Take Control of Your Time: The Key to Living Empowered" is exceptionally well written and thoroughly 'reader friendly' in organization and presentation."—The Self-Help Shelf, Wisconsin Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review 

“Setting boundaries is a core skill of every successful leader. Every leader who wants to level up should read Brave Boundaries!” —Cy Wakeman, New York Times bestselling author of Life’s Messy, Live Happy 

“Once again, Dr. Sasha Shillcutt finds the timeliest moment to bless us with her wisdom and inspire us to take control of our lives and happiness unapologetically and with courage.” —Dr. Sheila Nazarian, plastic surgeon, mom, entrepreneur, and Emmy-nominated Netflix star 

“Dr. Sasha Shillcutt is a leading physician, clinical scientist, educator, author, speaker, phenomenal businesswoman, loving mother, and wife. She has the unique gift of giving you the permission you did not realize you needed to show up as your authentic self. In this book, she tells us how to break out of the bondage of societal expectations and set new brave boundaries to say no to commitments that steal our time and energy. This book is the unfiltered advice I needed to reclaim my time.” —Dr. Tiffany Love, PhD, APRN, FACHE, GNP, ANP-BC, CHC 

“Dr. Sasha Shillcutt has written a brilliant how-to guide for the modern woman on how to say no without guilt. A must-have for any working woman!” —Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, founder of the EntreMD Business School and host of the EntreMD podcast 

Brave Boundaries is a must-read for every woman! Sasha opens our eyes to where we need more boundaries and gives practical tools for creating a happier and healthier future.” —Alli Worthington, author and business coach 

“Boundaries are critical for our mental health. Dr. Sasha Shillcutt takes the concept of boundaries and skillfully applies them to everyday life with liberating results. Brave Boundaries is a must-read for any leader striving for sustainable growth!” —Dr. Howard Y. Liu, professor and chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Nebraska Medical Center 

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Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
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