Stories That Continue to Speak To Us Today (Paperback)

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When Jesus first began preaching, he told parables that brought the kingdom of God to life through everyday scenarios that his listeners would understand. Although modern Christians may not work with animals or sow seeds daily, William Tuck believes that these biblical stories still have much to teach us. In Stories That Continue to Speak to Us Today, Tuck highlights how these tales have remained in our minds, influencing how we live our daily lives.

Tuck believes that Jesus used parables in his teachings because he knew that people would remember the story, even if the deeper meaning was not yet clear to listeners. Pastors and other leaders will be able to draw upon these parables that Tuck has explored, revisiting classic tales through his eyes to find new meanings.

As a previous professor of Christian preaching, Tuck has included detailed steps to help pastors, as well as Christians in general, to prepare for revisiting Jesus' parables. These unique tales open the mind and heart, inviting listeners to discover the true kingdom of God.

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ISBN: 9780788030628
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Publisher: CSS Publishing Company
Publication Date: July 15th, 2022
Pages: 200
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