Dream. Plan. Travel: Your Guide to Independent Travel on a Budget (Paperback)

Dream. Plan. Travel: Your Guide to Independent Travel on a Budget By Cathleen Fulton Cover Image
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Each chapter is packed with the nitty-gritty details of successful trip planning on a budget.

What started as a six-month trip to Europe turned into a two-year odyssey for Cathleen Fulton as she traveled solo through 17 countries, experiencing the food and culture, getting to know the locals, and hiking in the countryside.
From being afraid to walk outside her guesthouse door to hiking the mountains of Kyrgyzstan she gained confidence and comfort in her own skin. Cathleen styles herself as a solo, independent, slow, long-term, and frugal traveler. In Dream. Plan. Travel., she uses vignettes from her own travels as examples of lessons learned as she became more confident traveling the world. She helps you determine your own travel style so your journey is filled with rich experiences and engagement with locals.

Topics include:

  • dreaming and planning
  • traveling comfortably to your next destination
  • finding comfortable and affordable lodging
  • frugal food strategies
  • staying in touch with people back home
  • working on the road
  • packing strategies
  • off-the-beaten-track travel
  • how to say safe and healthy
  • how to prevent burnout
  • money-saving tips
  • and enhanced travel techniques such as "mindful travel," how to stay creative, and thematic travel.

Throughout the book, you will find links to bonus content:

  • travel how-to's
  • travel blog posts and inspirational stories,
  • planning worksheets for solo travel, independent travel, slow travel, and long-term travel.
  • a checklist for moving on to your next destination
  • travel-costs spreadsheet
  • The Ultimate Guide to Thematic Travel
  • A Long-Flight Survival Guide

Product Details
ISBN: 9780972775991
ISBN-10: 0972775994
Publisher: Mary Cathleen Fulton
Publication Date: July 25th, 2019
Pages: 158
Language: English