The 5 Things Every Teen Should Know About Sex (Paperback)

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S.E.X...Sex, Sex, Sex It's everywhere On television. On social media. In magazines. At school. The mall. The beauty salon. The barbershop. It's everywhere And guess what? Everyone has an opinion about it too Your friends. Your friends' friends. Your parents. Your coach(es). Your pastor. Even your grandparents You see, our society is built around the idea that "sex sells" and not surprisingly, it does. That's why it's everywhere you look and also, why so many people have such strong opinions about it. But, you know what? When it comes to sex, to have or not to have, the thoughts and opinions of others won't matter as much as those that you develop on your own. Ultimately, you will need to be able to answer, for yourself, important questions like: -What is the purpose of sex? -When is it okay to have sex? -How many sexual partners is it okay to have? Is there a limit? -How can sex affect me? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually? -What's the point of waiting until I'm married to have sex? -What does it mean to be abstinent? The 5 Things Every Teen Should Know About Sex is intended to help you in your journey to answer the above questions for yourself. You see, to get a proper understanding of sex, you must first see what its inventor, God, has to say about it. After all, He created it, so who better to learn from? With this new knowledge, you will be able to make the right choices about sex; choices that will protect you and ultimately, please God.

About the Author

Ebony & Essence Magazine featured author, Armond E. Mosley, is a sought after speaker who is passionate about helping youth realize their God-given potential and achieve their dreams. Through seminars and workshops, Armond partners with organizations (educational, faith-based, civic) to provide their youth with practical and actionable advice to address the real challenges that come with being young in today's society. Some of his signature seminar/workshop offerings are: Success Is A Choice, The 5 Things Every Teen Should Know About Sex, and Never Accept Less Than Your Best. Currently, Armond serves as the Youth Director at Christian Faith Fellowship in Downingtown, PA, under the leadership of Pastor Ricky Wilson. In addition to his new book, Armond is also the author of Rededication: A Story of Sex, Repentance and Restoration, which was released in the summer of 2011. To learn more about Armond, visit his website at or follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @iammosley. For questions about booking Armond for a speaking engagement, send an email to

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