Laptop Millionaire Badass: How to Create a Million Dollar Business While Living as a Carefree Soul-Led Gypsy Wanderer! (Paperback)

Laptop Millionaire Badass: How to Create a Million Dollar Business While Living as a Carefree Soul-Led Gypsy Wanderer! By Deanna Shanti (Editor), Katrina Ruth Cover Image
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Do you remember back when you were 20, or perhaps 23, and 30 seemed like the oldest possible age in the WORLD?

I remember being so damn certain that by 30 I'd have it ALL going on, and then some

I was going to be a millionaire ... of course

Have a GREAT Vogue-esque house in a great area.

Be happily married with the requisite 2.4 kids.

Be an author, a speaker, a raving success

It was going to be incredible, I knew it And I had so much time as well, I mean GOD ... 30

Wanna know something really cool? I got on the right track well in advance

By 25 years old I was married, living in a great inner Melbourne trendy apartment, had a BMW and a $20,000 surround system, was being paid well in a great managerial role and on the fast-track to climbing the ladder ALL the way high Perks and travel trips and the right clothes and a great social set rounded it out. Boo-yah Nobody could touch me and I was going to MAKE it

What a smart girl

Of course there was just ONE tiny hiccup that kinda threw me off path shortly after that period ... isn't there always a hiccup of some kind; just when you think you've got it all figured out

In my case the hiccup was kind of, well, kind of a big deal. Isn't it always ... really? I mean when you look back isn't there ALWAYS something major that threw you totally OFF course but that if you really think about threw you quite nicely ON track in the end?

In the end ...

But before the end, for me, came this:

By 27 years old, I was done.






Oh, and I'd quit the job, walked away from the apartment and car and all the perks and even lost all my life savings.

So much for fucking rocking it by 30

Walking out of my marriage was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I'll be honest with you:

I did it like I was on auto-pilot.

I did it in a very messy, very public, very sabotag-y kind of a way.

I saw exactly what I was doing, and I just ... let it happen. It was like I almost couldn't control myself, like as he at one point begged me to stay and I just refused but inside of me I was screaming stay stay stay NOBODY ELSE WILL EVER LOVE YOU

But I couldn't make myself say the words even though I was SURE it was an insanely stupid thing to do.

So much for the plan, hey?

And just to top it all off I had NO fucking clue what I really wanted to do with my life, or who I even was. I felt ... washed up. Lost. Not HOPELESS as I still always believed in the big things, but I guess for the first time in my life I was really having to face up to the reality that if it was going to happen?

I was going to have to make it happen

And guess what.. I DID #obviously

Have you ever had a wake-up call in your life, where you just realise -

Oh fuck. If I want what I say I want and have always thought I am DEFINITELY going to get then I'm going to have to actually CHANGE things? And maybe I don't feel ready to change things, or know how, or even where to start?

That's how I felt.

In Laptop Millionaire Badass I take you through just how I brought all my dreams to life So you too can press the fuck play on yours and begin creating your million dollar business while living as a carefree soul-led gypsy wanderer

Let me ask you a question, when you look back 10 years from now, do you think you'd regret more that you stayed, settled, played it safe or that you gave your true dreams a red hot go?

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