Girl On Fire: An Uncommon Love Story (Paperback)

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Ana's novel, "Girl On Fire," is the tale of one woman's trek through the trenches of sexual violation and misbegotten love to a surprising, redemptive romance with herself. It's based on her own life, when recovered memories of profound abuse and violence in childhood resurfaced, following an accident and a near death experience. For seven years, she went into seclusion to dive inwards and to fully embrace the pain of her past in a way she couldn't when it actually happened. Through deep meditation and with the guidance of a wise mentor, she eventually came to feel not just forgiveness, not just compassion, but real love for each of the perpetrators - and perhaps the most difficult journey of all - for herself. She wrote a novel instead of a memoir because several of the characters involved are still living. "Girl On Fire" alternates between the perspectives of young Eily Massey and her father, Eamon, in 1960's Ireland. Ana wanted to show both viewpoints, to articulate the humanness and woundedness of victim and perpetrator, who are really both victims of their own pain. A message of unearthing love from the ashes of sexual trauma is badly needed, in fact, is an imperative, both for those who don't understand it and for those who still feel trapped in the prison of their past. "Girl On Fire" is a dark fairy tale but like all fairy tales, it has a supremely happy ending. And Ana Ramana is living proof: completely healed, whole and grateful for the entire experience. She is also grateful for the opportunity to finally transmute the wound into art.

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ISBN: 9780997835809
ISBN-10: 099783580X
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: August 20th, 2016
Pages: 270
Language: English