Garuda Purana: Jnana Yogi Version (Paperback)

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The "Garuda Purana" is unarguably the most important, living Purana. It is used in sermons, last rites, death anniversary / Shraadha. In its original form (19,000 shlokas), it is a treatise that covers Ayurveda, creation theories and the afterlife.Dive into this book for a unique view of the karma and rebirth theories in action. This Indian Holy text goes back millennia. It has been interpreted through many lenses based on the needs of the times and the prevailing philosophies. I have attempted to provide a simple, relevant today version, without sacrificing my Acharya tradition. I trace my Acharya tradition far back as Rama's ancestors, to Prahlada, Hiranyakshyapu (Vishnu took the Narasimha Avatara to avenge him), Hiranyaksha (Vishnu took the Varaha Avatara to avenge him) and to the Saptarshi Kashyapa himself. This version only contains parts that have a divine, ethical and metaphysical message. I believe that this text contains the distilled wisdom of the sages. The words of the Lord are direct and clear, needing no explanation. You will not find any commentary, I believe you are the best interpreter. Narayana in his own words recommends its reading for the layman, grihasta. May the Guru Parampara, my Pancha acharyas (Shri Lakshmi Narasimha Iyer, Shri Krishna Iyer, Shree Kalyani Ammal, Shree Bhageerathi Ammal, Shree Visalakshi Ammal), Garuda, Narayana and Yama bless you through this book. Originally published on Amazon, this is globally available.I'd love to hear your feedback @ badrinarayan dot 11 at gmail dot com.

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