Santa's Thirty-Five-Year Sleigh Ride: Memoirs of a Professional Career as Santa Claus (Paperback)

Santa's Thirty-Five-Year Sleigh Ride: Memoirs of a Professional Career as Santa Claus By Sr. Noel, Charles Jeffrey Cover Image
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The title of my book, Santa's Thirty-Five Year Sleigh Ride: Memoirs of a Professional Career as Santa Claus, states the basic summary of my book and alerts the reader of what to expect. It contains many of my favorite memories (memoirs) of my career as a professional Santa Claus over the past thirty-five years.

To me, children are special, and they deserve to be happy. At first contact, I have no idea of their background or their circumstances. I just do my best to make them feel like the most important person in the world. The few minutes they have with me (as Santa Claus) might very well be the only time during the entire year that they feel special, important, and loved.

My memoirs are full of interesting stories, sad stories and true tales of surprising adventures and events in the life of a modern-day Santa Claus.

Since I love humor, and I think that most people do, I have included my most memorable stories that are memorable because of the humor involved. And perhaps some of my favorite memories will become some of yours as well.

Maybe you have wondered what a Santa Claus does, what experience he has had, or why he became a Santa Claus in the first place. Perhaps you have wondered what credentials he has to have or what type of personality he needs to be a great and convincing Santa Claus.

If so, my book will be of great interest and value to you.

I, as Santa, have had many, many precious moments with children; I have had both funny and sad moments that may bring you to tears. I've smiled, I've laughed, and I've cried. You will too.

And if you're ever wondered what it would be like to be a Santa Claus and make a child smile by just being book will help you to understand.

And finally, if you have ever considered actually donning the red suit and portraying the 'Jolly Old Elf' yourself, my book may very well push you over the top.

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