Performance Analysis of Complex Networks and Systems (Hardcover)

Performance Analysis of Complex Networks and Systems By Piet Van Mieghem Cover Image
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This rigorous, self-contained book describes mathematical and, in particular, stochastic and graph theoretic methods to assess the performance of complex networks and systems. It comprises three parts: the first is a review of probability theory; Part II covers the classical theory of stochastic processes (Poisson, Markov and queueing theory), which are considered to be the basic building blocks for performance evaluation studies; Part III focuses on the rapidly expanding new field of network science. This part deals with the recently obtained insight that many very different large complex networks - such as the Internet, World Wide Web, metabolic and human brain networks, utility infrastructures, social networks - evolve and behave according to general common scaling laws. This understanding is useful when assessing the end-to-end quality of Internet services and when designing robust and secure networks. Containing problems and solved solutions, the book is ideal for graduate students taking courses in performance analysis.

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ISBN: 9781107058606
ISBN-10: 1107058600
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: April 24th, 2014
Pages: 688
Language: English