Surrounded by Energy Vampires: How to Slay the Time, Joy, and Soul Suckers in Your Life (The Surrounded by Idiots Series) (Paperback)

Surrounded by Energy Vampires: How to Slay the Time, Joy, and Soul Suckers in Your Life (The Surrounded by Idiots Series) By Thomas Erikson Cover Image
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Vanquish the energy thieves in your life and at work.

Are there people in your life that leave you feeling drained, depleted, and just exhausted? Twenty minutes with these people and you feel as if you’ve just run a marathon. They demand limitless time, emotional support, attention, or affirmation; you dread interacting with them but don’t know how to change the dynamic.

You’ve just encountered a real-life vampire. Dracula has nothing on these ubiquitous social villains who take—time, energy, attention, emotional capacity— without reciprocating, and leave you too exhausted to protest. Energy vampires can be people, situations, or even your own mindset, but in Surrounded by Energy Vampires, internationally best-selling author Thomas Erikson identifies the different types of energy vampires and offers practical tools, fun self-assessments, and relatable stories to help you combat them.

Using the same simple, four-color behavior that made Surrounded by Idiots a runaway bestseller, Surrounded by Energy Vampires will help you slay the energy sucking interactions in your life whether they’re lurking at the office, amongst your friends, or in your own home.

About the Author

Thomas Erikson is a Swedish behavioral expert, active lecturer, and bestselling author. For more than twenty years he has been traveling all over Europe delivering lectures and seminars to executives and managers at a wide range of companies, including IKEA, Coca Cola, Microsoft, and Volvo.

Surrounded by Idiots has been a Swedish runaway bestseller since it was first published in 2014. It has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and been translated into 42 languages.

Praise For…

"With his trademark humor and practical insights, Erikson will help you vanquish the 'energy vampires' in your life—even when it turns out you're the villain! Using his wildly successful behavior based system, you'll learn how self-awareness is the key to preserving your time, energy, and sanity—no matter what comes your way."
— Gay Hendricks, Author of The Big Leap and The Genius Zone,

"Thomas Erikson just gets it —this book is equal parts logic, emotionally astute, and gut-wrenchingly funny. His observations are studied in a way that don't come across either snarky or preachy—he's one of us and sees what we have always known—vampires are real! This book gives you tools to ward off those who would try to suck out your joy. Buy it!" —Jim McPartlin, author of The Enneagram at Work

"Every workplace has its share of 'energy vampires'—people and situations that can derail your focus, complicate a project, or just make everything more difficult. Erikson provides clear, simple tools to deal with these exhausting situations, improve communication, and safeguard your energy." —Scott Jeffrey Miller, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Senior Advisor of Thought Leadership for FranklinCovey, podcast host of On Leadership with Scott Miller

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ISBN: 9781250907561
ISBN-10: 125090756X
Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2023
Pages: 368
Language: English
Series: The Surrounded by Idiots Series