Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing (Hardcover)

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Brian Kurtz is the bridge connecting the bedrock fundamentals of direct response marketing to the state-of-the-art strategies, tactics, and channels of today. Overdeliver distills his expertise from working in the trenches over almost four decades to help readers build a business that maximizes both revenue and relationships.

Marketing isn't everything, according to Brian Kurtz.
It's the only thing.
If you have a vision or a mission in life, why not share it with millions instead of dozens?
And while you are sharing it with as many people as possible and creating maximum impact, why not measure everything and make all of your marketing accountable?
That's what this book is all about.

In the world of direct marketing, Brian Kurtz has seen it all and done it all over almost four decades. And he lives by the philosophy, "Those who did it have a responsibility to teach it." Here's a small sample of what you'll learn:

  • The 4 Pillars of Being Extraordinary

  • The 5 Principles of why "Original Source" matters

  • The 7 Characteristics that are present in every world class copywriter

  • Multiple ways to track the metrics that matter in every campaign and every medium, online and offline

  • Why customer service and fulfillment are marketing functions

  • That the most important capital you own has nothing to do with money

  • And much more

  • Whether you're new to marketing or a seasoned pro, this book gives you a crystal-clear road map to grow your business, make more money, maximize your impact in your market, and love what you're doing while you're doing it. Kurtz takes you inside the craft to help you use all the tools at your disposal--from the intricate relationship between lists, offers, and copy, to continuity and creating lifetime value, to the critical importance of multichannel marketing and more--so you can succeed wildly, exceed all your expectations, and overdeliver every time.

    About the Author

    Brian Kurtz has been a serial direct marketer for almost 40 years and never met a medium he didn't like . . . and while he's had much success, he also must admit that trying to sell subscriptions and books on the back of ATM receipts and under yogurt lids were only a "good idea at the time."

    As a key business builder at Boardroom Inc. with founder Martin Edelston, Brian worked with, and was mentored by, many of the top marketers and copywriters who have ever lived. Today he consults and works directly with bleeding-edge direct response marketing companies and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of categories and in all channels through his two mastermind groups, Titans Mastermind and Titans Master Class (and soon to be a third, Titans Xcelerator). He also publishes books and materials for direct response marketers and writes and speaks regularly at marketing and copywriting events.

    The only thing Brian loves more than direct marketing is his family.

    And umpiring baseball is right up there with direct marketing.

    Praise For…

    Overdeliver is the bridge that connects the timeless fundamentals of direct response marketing to the state-of-the-art marketing strategies, tactics, and channels of today. Brian Kurtz is a living legend. . . . Nobody but Kurtz could've written this book.”
    Ryan Levesque, #1 national best-selling author of Choose and Ask

    “Brian Kurtz knows real marketing better than almost anyone. This book is a must-read for marketers of all generations.”
    Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO, Digital Marketer

    “How many guys can put Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, Joe Sugarman, Ken McCarthy, Jay Abraham, a billionaire or two, and 300 of the best marketers on earth in one room? You can count them on one hand and Brian is one of those hombres.”
    Perry Marshall, author, 80/20 Sales & MarketingUltimate Guide to Google AdWords, and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

    “Brian was not only one of the wunderkinds who practically invented DM publishing in the 1980s, he was also one of the elder statesmen of the industry that guided its transition from paper to electronic in the 2000s. [He is] the perfect person to write a book that assimilates the best insights and ideas of the industry’s best and brightest business leaders.”
    Mark Ford, chief growth strategist, The Agora, and author of two dozen books, including the bestseller on building entrepreneurial businesses, Ready Fire Aim

    “Filled with more useful information and history than any other book I’m familiar with.”
    Joe Sugarman, direct marketing legend

    “In Overdeliver, Brian shares how you can use offers, copy, multichannel marketing, continuity, and a lot more to be a better marketer, grow your business, make more money, and make a big impact in your market. If you want to learn from one of the greatest marketing minds alive, read Brian’s new book.”
    Joe Polish, founder, Genius Network and Genius Recovery

    “In Overdeliver, Brian chronicles almost four decades of hard-core experience . . . condensing it down into something you can absorb in an afternoon. . . . He's forgotten more about marketing and sales than most newcomers will ever ‘discover’.”
    Frank Kern

    “Nobody has paid closer attention to the world of direct response advertising than Brian Kurtz. . . . This is a must-have book for . . . anyone seriously interested in how people decide what, when, and how to buy.”
    Bill Bonner, founder, The Agora

    “If the word ‘marketing’ makes you cringe, this book is for you. And if the word ‘marketing’ makes you salivate, this book is for you. Overdeliver is loaded with time-tested strategies and invaluable ideas . . . a marketing balm to the sore business soul.”
    Victoria Labalme, performing artist, performance strategist, and member, Speaker Hall of Fame

    “There’s a very small group of true direct response wizards out there, [and Brian Kurtz is] one of the guys who can change your career and business in a heartbeat with just a casually tossed off piece of advice. This book is your invitation to join that elite conversation.”
    John Carlton, copywriting know-it-all, grizzled consultant, and author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Your Shit Together

    “For years, I’ve given to students of marketing a list of 14 must-read books—I’ve now added Brian’s book to a new list of 15.”
    Richard A. Viguerie, pioneer of political direct mail and Chairman of American Target Advertising, Inc.

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