Vanilla Ride (MP3 CD)

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Hap is an East Texas smart mouth with a weakness for southern women. Leonard is a gay, black veteran pining for a lost love. They re not the makings of your typical dynamic duo, but never underestimate the power of a shared affinity for stirring up trouble and causing mayhem. When an old friend asks Leonard to rescue his daughter from an abusive, no-good drug dealer, he gladly agrees and, of course, invites Hap along for the fun. Even though the dealer may be lowly, he is on the bottom rung of the Dixie Mafia, and when Hap and Leonard come calling, the Mafia feels a little payback is in order. Cars crash, shotguns blast, and people die, but Hap and Leonard come out on top. Unfortunately for them, now they re facing not only jail time but also the legendary and lethal Vanilla Ride, who is still out to claim the price on their heads.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781423384595
ISBN-10: 1423384598
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2009
Language: English
Series: Hap and Leonard Novels (Audio)