The Promise Kept: A story of life and death in the 91st Bomb Group (H) and in the Eighth Air Force in World War II (Paperback)

The Promise Kept: A story of life and death in the 91st Bomb Group (H) and in the Eighth Air Force in World War II By Mike Pungercar Cover Image
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They flew in bombers, unpressurized, wearing heated suits and oxygen masks for hours at altitudes where temperatures reached 50 below zero. Thousands of young Americans served in World War II, and today a thousand veterans of this part of our history are dying each day. We must not forget their sacrifices, their stories.

In World War II, the Eighth Air Force sent up thousands of men into the skies over Fortress Europe. Stories have been written about the fighter pilots who took on the mighty Luftwaffe one on one. And many stories are about the pilots, gunners, and bombardiers who manned the bombers that flew their missions through the flak filled skies. This book is the story of a man who served with the 91st Bomb Group, and who was like the other men who found their life and their world changed by the greatest conflict in world history. His story, and stories of other airmen and ground crew personnel, are brought to life with the aid of over 100 photographs from WWII. In reading this book, life with the 91st Bomb Group is relived from the runways in England to 25,000 feet above the German homelands.

The author, the son of a B-17 radio operator, has paid tribute to his father in this well researched, well illustrated, and well written tale of his dad's tour of duty with the "Mighty Eighth". A must read for every B-17 and World War II buff (Martin Garrin, Jr., 410th Bomb Squadron, 94thBomb Group, Captain/Pilot of the "Spirit of Valley Forge".)

A well written story of life in the Eighth Air Force. Mike has expertly blended historical and technical information, with his father's story and those of other veterans of the air war over Europe. The numerous photos included from the WWII time period allow the reader to become part of the story, to experience life on the base, and in the air with the bomber crews. (Ron Hagen, History Major, BS Oregon State University)

Mike Pungercar and his wife Milly are natives of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and currently reside in Sunriver, Oregon. After a 30- year career in Safety & Health Management, this is Mike's first venture into writing and publishing a book. Prior to this, Mike's writing experience has been in the field of music where he has written over 20 songs and recorded three CDs. Mike and Milly now enjoy time to travel with trips around the United States and Europe in their future plans. Destinations will include museums and military sites, including the air base in Bassingbourn, England, where Mike's dad was stationed during WWII. Mike is a member of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society - Oregon Chapter, the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association, and the Experimental Aircraft Association.

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