The Steady Running of the Hour (Paperback)

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“Go’s debut novel is a dynamic illustration of what people will do for love. Through Tristan’s European quest for the the truth behind his ancestor’s love story, we get a tale of love found and lost and found again that is compelling. Ashley’s and Imogen’s story has a powerful theme that is played out in the clues that Tristan comes across in his quest to find proof for his inheritance; additionally, slipping back to the actual events of the time gives the reader greater detail than Tristan can discover. It is the passions that burn brightest that flare the swiftest and we are reminded that with the passing of time, everything changes and the hopes one holds in one’s youth must be tempered by circumstances over which one has little control despite what one wishes. A remarkable debut that will engage and delight readers the world over.”

— Raul


An impossible quest. An epic love story. A mesmerizing debut.

In 1924, the English mountaineer Ashley Walsingham dies attempting to summit Mount Everest, leaving his fortune to his long-lost lover, Imogen Soames-Andersson--whom he has not seen in seven years. Ashley's attorneys search in vain for Imogen, but the estate remains unclaimed.

Nearly eighty years later, new information leads the same law firm to Tristan Campbell, a young American who could be the estate's rightful heir. If Tristan can prove he is Imogen's descendant, the inheritance will be his. But with only weeks before Ashley's trust expires, Tristan must hurry to find the evidence he needs.

From London WWI archives to the battlefields in France to the fjords of Iceland, Tristan races to piece together the story behind the unclaimed riches: a reckless love affair pursued only days before Ashley's deployment to the Western Front of the Great War; a desperate trench battle fought by soldiers whose hope is survival rather than victory; an expedition to the uncharted heights of the world's tallest mountain. Following a trail of evidence that stretches to the far edge of Europe, Tristan becomes consumed by Ashley and Imogen's story. But as he draws close to the truth, Tristan realizes he may be seeking something more than an unclaimed fortune.

The Steady Running of the Hour announces the arrival of a stunningly talented author. Justin Go's "debut is ambitious in many depicts a love that transcends time and disdains convention; and it fluidly moves between past and present" (Publishers Weekly).
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ISBN: 9781476704593
ISBN-10: 1476704597
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: April 21st, 2015
Pages: 496
Language: English