25,000 Miles to Glory: Football, Freedom, Friendship, And America (Paperback)

25,000 Miles to Glory: Football, Freedom, Friendship, And America Cover Image
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Rhett Grametbauer, an intensely passionate football fan, writer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and proud owner of a 1967 split-window VW Bus decides to leave his life in Austin, Texas to live a childhood dream of visiting every NFL stadium in one season. Accompanied by fellow football fan and producer, Grayson Berry, the two adventurers set out to discover the world through the colorful lens of NFL Fans. Their travels take them to every stadium, 32 games in 16 weeks to live the experience that is the book and documentary film, 25,000 Miles to Glory.

The four-month journey involves a leprechaun and a king, a Red Ford Pinto, traveling therapist and countless other larger than life characters that live and die with their teams.

Their choice of transportation for the anthropological adventure of a lifetime is Rhett's beloved VW Bus, "Hail Mary" who introduces an element of danger and unpredictability to the trip. The mechanical issues with Hail Mary also provide her two hack mechanics countless opportunities for the pair to immerse themselves in the Air-Cooled Volkswagen community.

The book is a sports wanderlust and travel memoir covering four months and over 25,000 miles of American roadways. It's about people, the community of football fans and VW enthusiasts alike. It's about emotional ties to teams, bizarre infatuations, and absolute love for the game. The book is a 25,000-mile journey to glory documenting the human spirit through football, freedom, friendship, and America.

About the Author

A passionate sports fan, filmmaker, writer, and entrepreneur. Rhett decided to change the narrative of his life so he bought a 1967 VW Bus and traveled the country to experience the world through the lens of the NFL. Every stadium, 32 teams, 16 weeks, 1 incredible adventure all captured in the documentary and book 25,000 Miles to Glory. His stories have appeared in Sports Illustrated, the Huffington Post, Inside Tailgating, Kombi Life and Roadtrippers.com. He also started a website to help take game watching parties to the next level, Foam Finger Nation.
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ISBN: 9781483582146
ISBN-10: 1483582140
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: October 20th, 2016
Pages: 338
Language: English