Yo Mamma! Yo Mamma!: The Best 150 Yo Mamma Jokes on the Planet (Uncensored & Censored) (Paperback)

Yo Mamma! Yo Mamma!: The Best 150 Yo Mamma Jokes on the Planet (Uncensored & Censored) By The Moma Factory Cover Image
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Yo Mamma Yo Mamma The Best 500 Yo Mamma Jokes on the Planet (uncensored & censored)

Best ever Yo Mamma jokes on earth. These are guaranteed to make you roll on the floor laughing. Tell these at parties and get-together's and be the star of the entertainment.

Here are a few:

1.Yo mamma's so fat that people raise their hands and shout "Taxi " when she walks by in a yellow raincoat.2.Yo mamma's so fat that the elevator can only go down when she rides.3.Yo mamma's so fat that her pants had to be ironed in the driveway.4.Yo mamma's so fat that people just had to go around her for a 15-minute exercise.5.Yo mamma's so fat she has group insurance by herself.6.Yo mamma's so fat she brought the bridge down when she went bungee jumping.7.Yo mamma's so fat she is charged for group rates when she went to a buffet.8.Yo mamma's so fat her feet doesn't get wet when she showers.9.Yo mamma's so fat she doesn't a tailor, she needs a contractor.

Here Are Some More Yo Mamma Jokes Inside...Yo Mamma's so fat...Yo Mamma's so dumb...Yo Mamma's so ugly...Yo Mamma's so dark...Yo Mamma's so old...Much, much more Purchase your copy today

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