Trackers Presents: Captain Nick & The Explorer Society--Compass of Mems (Paperback)

Trackers Presents: Captain Nick & The Explorer Society--Compass of Mems By Grey Allison, Tony Deis, Thomas Pitilli (Illustrator), Michelle McCann Cover Image
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Join the Explorer Society for an epic, globe-trotting adventure!

Captain Nick and the kids are racing to find the mysterious Compass of Mems before their nemesis, the Contessa, gets her hands on it. Can they safeguard this ancient relic and foil her plans for world domination? Captain Nick adventures are packed with lost worlds, ancient treasures, time travel, dinosaurs, and butt-kicking girl assassins!

Dark Horse and Trackers are proud to introduce Captain Nick and the courageous and resourceful Explorer Society as told by the expert educators and adventurers of the natural world—the Trackers!

About the Author

GREY ALLISON is a non-binary writer and artist of fun, weird, and occasionally scary stuff. She is best known for art on fantasy-comedy Wander: Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom, colors for Flash Gordon: King's Cross and Memorial, and collaborative storytelling RPG Phoenix: Dawn Command. Grey is an alum of SCAD's Sequential Art program and the Portland comics collective Helioscope Studio. She now resides in her native Quad Cities with her partner and their spoiled tabby, Cleo. She loves horror movies, D&D nights with friends, and the word "cryptoporticus."  

TONY DEIS has been exploring and learning nature his entire life. At age fourteen he began training in the arts of awareness, tracking, forest-craft, and outdoor skills, and has worked in outdoor education since 1992. In 2005 he and his wife co-founded Trackers Earth, a wilderness survival program whose goal is to get kids outdoors with fantastic live-action outdoor adventures. In 18 years, Trackers has grown into one of the most popular outdoor education programs in the country, with tens of thousands of kids across four states enrolled in camps and classes each year. Tony helps lead Trackers while homeschooling his three children (meaning he lets Nature teach his children as they run feral in the woods).

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ISBN: 9781506732374
ISBN-10: 1506732372
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Publication Date: July 4th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English