Crisis in the Classroom: Crisis in Education (Hardcover)

Crisis in the Classroom: Crisis in Education By Dr. Benjamin Carson, Benjamin Crump, Esq., Armstrong Williams Cover Image
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Individuals from Vastly Different Political Perspectives Agree That There Is a Crisis in Education

Education is the foundation of every nation's success or failure; it produces upstanding citizens, lifts people out of poverty, and catalyzes change. Crisis in the Classroom is full of captivating, insightful essays by renowned Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump; neurosurgeon and former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson; and serial entrepreneur and media personality Armstrong Williams that expose the harsh realities of the current state of education in the United States and its repercussions on underserved and marginalized communities.
Crisis in the Classroom presents the unvarnished realities of poor educational outcomes, a topic that is frequently missing from the headlines, and how these have led communities and generations of future leaders to descend into poverty and devastation. 
Crisis in the Classroom demonstrates that when the education of our children is jeopardized, so are our families, communities, and nation. 
Despite the grim realities depicted in Crisis in the Classroom, the authors show us that faith and unity, paired with an apolitical, solution-based approached to the education crisis, can provide hope for a brighter future. 

About the Author

For almost thirty years, Dr. Benjamin Carson served as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center. He then served as the seventeenth Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. He is the founder and chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute, cofounder of the Carson Scholars Fund, and has a long record of endeavors to improve educational outcomes for all children. Dr. Carson is the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the land, and he holds more than seventy honorary doctorate degrees. 
Attorney Benjamin Crump is listed among the Most Influential People of 2021 by TIME100, Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 Most Influential African Americans, and is among the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyers. He is the founder and principal owner of Ben Crump Law and is referred to as Black America’s attorney general. Through a steadfast dedication to justice and service, civil rights, and personal injury, attorney Benjamin Crump has established himself as one of the nation’s foremost lawyers and advocates for social justice.
Armstrong Williams is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of three earlier books. Called “one of the most recognized conservative voices in America” by the Washington Post, he is a pugnacious, provocative, and principled voice for conservative and Christian values in America's public debate. Williams is the founder and host of a weekly nationally syndicated television show, The Armstrong Williams Show, which airs on Sinclair Broadcast Group network affiliates across the United States. The program features human interest and political topics, including interviews with leading lights and experts from across the political spectrum. He is the founder and CEO of Howard Stirk Holdings, a holding company that owns broadcast television stations around the United States, designating Williams as the second largest minority broadcast television owner in the United States. 

Praise For…

“A must read. This compelling set of essays by three leading, independent voices takes on the range of challenges facing our communities. Whatever their differences, they all agree on the moral imperative to address the civil rights issue of our time—the failure of our inner-city schools to provide a quality education to all children. The time has come for fundamental change.”
—Former Attorney General Bill Barr

“Essay after essay, Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump provides simple solutions to complicated issues that we can use to alter the racial dynamics of America and increase the prosperity and opportunity of the underprivileged. Ben Crump is a formidable combination of Thurgood Marshall and Johnnie Cochran: a brilliant and legendary civil rights lawyer who is also ‘one of’ Black America's Greatest Advocates. In this magnificent and vitally necessary work, Crump takes an unvarnished look at a subject we too often ignore: how poor educational outcomes impede Black progress and drag our future leaders into poverty, social devastation, and incarceration. Thank God the vulnerable and vanquished have a friend in Ben.”
 —Professor Michael Eric Dyson

Crisis in the Classroom is more than an insightful, captivating work of nonfiction; it is a monument to the notion that we all, irrespective of our ideological differences, have a shared goal of preserving our future and producing the best outcomes for everyone, no matter their race or economic status. This book will be praised by the good and reviled by the corrupt, but I have no doubt that the good will prevail if they listen to these three titans.”
—Ambassador C. Boyden Gray, Former Legal Counsel to George H. W. Bush

“Nations rise and fall on the quality and breadth of their education; to tackle the most fundamental issue in America, Crisis in the Classroom necessarily cuts through reflexive political divisions and biases to address the heart of the matter—the challenges and solutions to achieving universal education. The book explores the root causes of the spiraling educational crisis in American and proposes novel fixes; it is wisdom that will not be welcomed by those profiteering from the catastrophe of the educational status quo. Our children, educators, and nation deserve this book.”
—Adam Waldman, Esquire

“Education is more than the communication of information; it is the transfer of life to the next generation. The classroom is the incubator for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and character. Crisis in the Classroom points directly to the problem. It’s ‘us,’ all of us. The road to restoring our educational system is difficult, but not impossible, if we work together.”
—Reverend A. R. Bernard


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