The Sales Profession and Sex!: Is There A Difference? (Touched #12) (Paperback)

The Sales Profession and Sex!: Is There A Difference? (Touched #12) By Frank Buddy Vaiden Cover Image
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This book tells you what the sales profession is, how it works, down to presenting actual sales interviews, skills applications, and controlling the job interview. First, the book explains how the selling profession, is about mental seduction. In order to fulfill someone else's desires. Sex can be selfish, or it can be an act of affection, and mutually satisfying. Selling is the same thing. it has to be. Just as sex can be a physical mutual coupling, sales is on the same track Except it is an intangible. What is shared is one's concept of what is to be exchanged. When I was a child, my friends and I used to play "marbles". The selling, and buying part of it, was what you were willing to offer, for one of the other player's big marbles. So the value was marbles, and a hunch, that getting a trade for a big marble, increased your chances of winning. In sales, now the bartering medium is money. But it can also be the trade of one product, to receive another. Any value differential was covered by offering the trade, plus a sum of money, to equal out the values of a trade. This book is just like my first. It is a manual of sales skills, what skill should be used for what, and when, to shoot your "big marble", to gain ownership of the rest of them. This is a tough read Probably the most difficult, yet rewarding purchase you will ever make. If you want to have guaranteed success, in all of the various formats of selling, you are going to have to pay a minimal amount for becoming the best of the best It is a dive into the trenches, defend your position, and then send out such a powerful counter attack, that you will gain more territory, than what might be given away. As all my books are scripturally based, this one is different. It can tell you when to be passive, asking questions that will prompt the prospective customer to overextend their response. They push their "frontline" ahead, not realizing that they are exposing their flanks to an end around attack. Most of the people that I knew, graduating from high school, or college, would take a sales oriented job offer, just to break the ice. The object here, to get introduced into the business world, make a few dollars. Then continue to seek out a job that is more in line with your major. In this case, if you worked part-time at a fast food restaurant, that you interfaced with the customers, you have sales job experience. a diploma, and the courage to be interviewed. For those of you who have specialized, majored, in a different genre', I strongly recommend that you do not take a sales job, unless you are self employed, and in the profession that you seek. A sales position can permanently close many opportunities for employment, simply because you did, what most others had done. The sales profession is considered one of the lowest places of employment that you can be. The building janitor will get more respect than you will. His work is tangible, can be seen by others, and gets the problem fixed. The sales profession is there, and it is not. What you may consider as a tangible career, most of the time, your job is to get a prospect to commit to purchasing a service, and/or product. You then hand the reins to the people that actually manufacture, and install, the product or service, that has been committed to. You move on to find a new situation, or prospect. Eventually, you will come to understand that the person you are talking to, views you as a go-between. They see you, they think your product. How you work in sales, is totally up to you. No call will be exactly like the last, nor the next one. The days of salespeople telling me that "The prospect has to like you", gone So, why is it that high management sales managers make more money, than the same level of management, in a another department?

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This depends on the morals and ethics of the company you work for, or with.There is definitely a wide gap between bottom feeders, and professional sales. "Cobra" is one glaring example. The weekly insurance business is another. This book, all my work, is based on the believe, that if you already know the answer to the problem, the problem will not materialize in the first place. Many insurance companies prey on the black race. When I came to Florida, this was the first job I could find. Once I came to realize that weekly or monthly insurance was a scam, I got out as the president to the sales force. there were no black people of education that I had in my territory. I am a very good salesperson, and my skills overan any objections, and there were just a few. I got back to style. Yes I was a lowly salesperson. The most humble salespeople, are the most successful! Yes, when I hit my pot of gold, I forgot to remember the humility that got me to the top in the first place. I lost everything at least three times! God disciplines those whom He loves, to teach them to come back to the very core of our person. That would be to be satisfied with a good day's work, and receive a reciprocal pay, for what is accomplished. This "Sales and Sex" Book II, "Hoodwinking" being number one, continues to beat you with whips on your back, so you will have to decide! "Do I want to be the Best in the Business?" Before I became disabled, people would ask me "what did I do for a living?" I told them I was in sales. That would be the end of that matter, as people usually understand, that sales, in and of itself, involves everything, or nothing at all. The sales profession, and sex, is the ultimate intangible, yet still making the world go round. That more salespeople get involved in sexual immorality, it is because we are "Alpha" personalities, and sex is custom made for those who spend the whole day being aggressive, and have great skills in knowing human behavior. At the end of a long day, I wanted to use these skills to experience a physical reward. The only thing that would satisfy me, was to go into "pursuit" mode, and use my powers of persuasion, my ability to become a chameleon, and bring someone back to the hotel room. This was an immediate satisfaction. I would put the same efforts into work time, but the benefits, while great, had to take certain steps, and time, to reach certain levels. Sales people are not patient people. Let's get started.

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