Elementary Particle Physics for Enthusiasts (Paperback)

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This introductory book, intended for general audiences, covers a broad range of subjects in the elementary particle physics: gauge theory, quark model, parton model, quantum chromodynamics, Weinberg-Salam theory, CP-violation, spontaneous symmetry breaking, Higgs mechanism, Higgs particle, etc. Those subjects are explained, plainly and mostly without using equations.

Revisions: Apr 22, 2016. In the ch.2, a mistake was fixed at calculating the change of mass by lifting the mass.Several translation errors to English from Japanese were fixed.

About the Author

Yoshiki Teramoto was born in Kyoko, Japan in 1950. He graduated Osaka University and received his PhD on physics at Osaka City University in 1978. After working at Brookhaven National Laboratory, City University of New York, National Laboratory for High-Energy Physics in Japan, he is currently an associate professor for experimental particle physics at Osaka City University.

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