The Romance of the Forest (Paperback)

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By Ann Radcliffe, Mint Editions (Contribution by)
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The Romance of the Forest (1791) is a novel by Ann Radcliffe. Her third novel was immensely popular upon publication, going though several editions in the span of three years. Considered an essential work of Gothic fiction, The Romance of the Forest made her name as a leading novelist of suspense and the supernatural. As night descends on the city of Paris, Pierre and Constance de la Motte leave their home for what may be the last time. Unable to pay their creditors, they've decided to flee by carriage with their servants Peter and Annette, who help them as they frantically pack whatever they can before morning arrives. Although their escape proves successful, they decide to stop in order to find a place to rest until dawn. Following a faint light, Pierre makes his way through the darkness to an ancient home, where a stranger grants him entry. Soon, however, his hope dissipates as he is locked in a room with a beautiful woman and told that he must take her with him on his journey. Fearing for his life, he agrees to the stranger's demands, and makes his way back to the carriage with Adeline in tow. This edition of Ann Radcliffe's The Romance of the Forest is a classic of English literature reimagined for modern readers.

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