Wisdom for Faithful Reading: Principles and Practices for Old Testament Interpretation (Paperback)

Wisdom for Faithful Reading: Principles and Practices for Old Testament Interpretation By John H. Walton Cover Image
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The church has too often lost its way in reading the Old Testament for lack of sound principles of interpretation. When careless habits get us off track, we can lose sight of what the Bible is really saying, derailing our own spiritual growth and even risking discredit to God's word.

We need a consistent approach to give us confidence as faithful interpreters. In Wisdom for Faithful Reading, the trusted Old Testament scholar John Walton lays out his tried-and-true best practices developed over four decades in the classroom. His principles are memorable, practical, and enlightening, including:

  • The Bible is written for us, but not to us.
  • Reading the Bible instinctively is not reliable and risks imposing a foreign perspective on the text.
  • More important than what the characters do is what the narrator does with the characters and what God is doing through the characters.
  • Not everything has a "biblical view."

Along with identifying common missteps, Walton's insights point the way to stay focused on what the Old Testament text communicated to its original audience--and what it has to say for us today. When we submit ourselves to be accountable to the authors' intentions we experience the true authority of Scripture, and faithful reading fuels a faithful life.

Using numerous examples across the breadth of the Old Testament and its genres, Walton equips thoughtful Christians to read more knowledgeably, to pay attention to God's plans and purposes, to recognize good interpretations, and to truly live in light of Scripture. You may never read the Old Testament the same way again.

About the Author

John H. Walton (PhD, Hebrew Union College) is professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School. His many books include The Lost World of Genesis One and other titles in the Lost World Series, Old Testament Theology for Christians, and the IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament.

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