Movement: Race, Power and Culture in America (Paperback)

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We cannot allow the racial politics of racial resentment to propel the nation into a Pre-Civil War neurosis. We the people have the power to heal ourselves and in so doing - heal America. Power is the capacity to reach or realize goals and influence policy which develops into laws which shape the social, political, and economic environment. Race Matters, History Matters, Blacks Matters and Truth Matters and truth crushed to the earth shall rise again. Inherent in the culture of opposition in America is the notion that each and every individual has certain inalienable rights that among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... The culture of opposition in American culture has good company among musical artists with a long history stretching back to Billie Holliday's Strange Fruit. One of the original Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, was famous for his song about America -The Revolution Will Not Be Televised -but he was wrong. America is and has always been about the Movement - Jefferson as one of the prime architects of our democracy imposed on each generation the primary task of recreating the community so that society always reflects the changes of circumstances, technology, individual rights, and the necessity of protecting individual economic independence - initially for white men. The Movement since the beginning... - Am I in a place where dreams may come? However, America remakes itself as the collective unconscious exposes the complexes of a nation so it can change itself. Movement is about, we the people, coming together to address and solve - perfecting the union...

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