The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti: Volume 2 (Paperback)

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Your girlfriend or wife might not approve of this book and it's hardly appropriate for mixed company It is really funny though

C.J. Phillips and cohorts have scoured much of the western world to bring you books of the world's funniest bathroom gibberish. Attempts were made to keep the contents of all "The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti" volumes as disgustingly respectable as possible (good luck ). A movie script was written for it.

Unlike other graffiti books which present any kind of graffiti, this book concentrates on bathroom wall-writing that's funny

"The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti" is comprised of many volumes and likely is the funniest collection of bathroom graffiti ever published.

Samples from the book series are:

Stand close, don't flatter yourself.

If you shake more than once you're playing with it.

Toilet paper compliments of Idaho Sand and Gravel Company.

Misery is a flooded stall and a hole in your shoe.

Hormone are a big bust.

Archaeologists date everything.

As a bonus this funny book includes two additional books in it. Your books are presented to you in this order:

1) The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti - Volume 2
2) The A-spot Orgasm: The Elusive Super Orgasm
3) 100 Great Lines To Put in Your Personal Ad

Publisher's Note: This ebook contains explicit sexual content and profanity.

About the Author

For roughly 30 years C. J. Phillips collected funny bathroom graffiti. There were many adventures along the way! His extensive multiple volume collection is likely the funniest and largest collection of funny bathroom graffiti in the world. Thank you for stopping by.

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