The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti: All Volumes, The Raunchy Stuff and Bonus Books (Paperback)

The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti: All Volumes, The Raunchy Stuff and Bonus Books By C. J. Phillips Cover Image
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It's my pleasure to present the funniest graffiti from literally hundreds of the world's bathroom walls. Hello, my name is C. J. Phillips and I've been a professional graffiti hunter for roughly 40 years. A movie script has been written about this book

This immense funny bathroom graffiti collection includes the raunchier stuff and bonus sex education books on women's PS-spot, U-spot and A-spot.

Being a graffiti hunter isn't for everyone. In pursuit of the world's funniest bathroom graffiti, I've been verbally reprimanded by psychotic custodians and even locked in a bathroom, supposedly by accident.

There's over a thousand lines of funny bathroom graffiti in this book, here's some of them:


Why write jokes on the wall when you're holding one in your hand?

What's white and crawls up your leg? Homing sperm.


Polygamy is having more wives than you need. Monogamy is the same.

Do and you shall be - Sartre
Be and you shall do - Camus
Do be do be do - Sinatra

Having trouble sleeping? Take accounting.

A friend in need is a pest, get rid of him - But a friend with weed is a friend indeed.

About the Author

C.J. Phillips and cohorts have scoured much of the western world to bring you this book of the world's funniest bathroom gibberish. Attempts were made to keep the contents of all "The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti" volumes as disgustingly respectable as possible (good luck!). Unlike other graffiti books which present any kind of graffiti, this book concentrates on wall-writing that's funny. "The World's Funniest Bathroom Graffiti" is comprised of several volumes and likely is the funniest collection of bathroom graffiti ever published.

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