Other California: Sacramento and national parks: Sequoia and Yosemite (USA #3) (Paperback)

Other California: Sacramento and national parks: Sequoia and Yosemite (USA #3) By Andrey Vlasov, Andrey Vlasov (Photographer), Vera Krivenkova (Editor) Cover Image
By Andrey Vlasov, Andrey Vlasov (Photographer), Vera Krivenkova (Editor)
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What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word: "California"? The answer is as plain as the day - ocean, golden sand, palm trees, wind in the hair, relaxed and smiling people. But, it's not that simple, California is not just fun by the beach. It is much more interesting than just bright leaflets made for tourists. If you want to get acquainted with "other" California, it's better to start with the capital - Sacramento. Sacramento is the oldest city in California, which is, unfairly, overshadowed by more popular cities. In Spanish Sacramento means "mystery." Strolling along the old city, you find out that this mystery is hidden deep in the history. A perfect place with the atmosphere of romantic and wild West. Everything here - houses, streets, wooden sidewalks - looks like the decoration of the western. There are cowboys and sheriffs, Indians and gangsters, Buffalo Bill, gold rush, taverns and saloons. Other than that, the city is pretty nice and quiet. It's a good place to relax and take a breath before big and important trip to the national parks. Speaking of the national parks, it's necessary to say that the word "park" shouldn't misinform you. These are not small pieces of land, filled with trees and surrounded by a fence. These are truly massive natural reservations. One of the most famous, that must be seen the first are Sequoia and Yosemite. The incorporated harmony of the nature and the human with untouched wild beauty being preserved by the effort of many people. This harmony probably is essential in relationships between human being and the world around him. Yosemite is huge island full of wildlife is situated in the Northern part of the famous mountain range Sierra Nevada. This place was inhabited by Indians only till the middle of the 19th century. Their legacy can still be felt in this area. Free spirit is everywhere - in forest, rocks, mountain rivers, thin air, magnificent waterfalls as well as the atmosphere of adventure, which Fenimore Cooper mentioned in his books. There are green meadows for deer to feed, a glimpse of a bear behind the tree or a little baby raccoon washing his feet in the lake. It's hard to believe that driving for a couple of hours away you will get to multimillion Los Angeles. Sequoia is national park in the Southern part of Nevada famous for it's huge trees - Sequioiadendron. The fact that sequoias are the biggest life forms in the world is a well known for everyone since the biology lessons at school. But only seeing this wonder of nature in the real life helps to understand its greatness. These trees have seen the whole history of the mankind, they know all the secrets and mysteries, they aren't afraid of the forces of nature, winds and wildfires. Staying here it seems that you are far away in the past, with no man existing in usual sense and walking along the path it's easy to meet the mammoth. Nevertheless, there is a question left - why is this state so special? Every year millions of people all over the world travel to California. What makes them cover hundred thousands kilometers to come here? Surely, everyone has his own story but, frankly speaking, the reason is only one - for the dream. Understand and feel its light breeze with your skin, inhale its slight cent, touch it with your palm, close you eyes, then open them and make sure that it is still here. After all, say goodbye and take a piece of it with you. Indeed, as you know, the dreams come true.

About the Author

Andrey Vlasov was born in 1988. He became interested in photography when he was 22 years old. At the same time he's got a passion for traveling. In 2015 he got the idea to combine two hobbies under one name photravel - photography and travel.In July 2016 he has published his first book "Thailand - a country of smiles".In February 2017 he has published next book "Los Angeles - a city of fame". This book became a first book in series about United States of America.

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