Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers: A Practical Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Be a Better Advocate (Communication) (Paperback)

Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers: A Practical Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Be a Better Advocate (Communication) By Keith Evans Cover Image
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The classic advocacy guide for trial lawyers, Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers has been hailed by attorneys, mediators and professors nationwide. It's the practical advocacy guide designed for anyone who must persuade others, including attorneys, lobbyists, negotiators, account executives, law students, sales professionals, and parents.

"Reading this book would profit any advocate of any experience level. Judicious application of the advice contained in the book will make anyone a better advocate."
-- George R. (Bob) Dekle, Legal Skills Professor, University of Florida, Retired Assistant State Attorney, Third Judicial Circuit of Florida (successfully prosecuted Ted Bundy)

"Keith Evans, the author of Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers, is an experienced trial lawyer. He has studied the game from the inside and he has seen things others have missed. He has distilled his experience and offers it up in the brisk aphoristic style that brought him his success in the courtroom. The book is a valuable review for the old timers and an excellent primer for those who are starting the climb."
-- Jacob A. Stein, Stein, Mitchell & Mezines, Washington, DC

"This is a terrific guidebook that should be followed by all young trial lawyers. While it is true that these rules are based upon common sense and that most seasoned trial lawyers will figure them out over time, this book will allow young advocates to benefit from all the painful lessons learned by inexperienced lawyers before them."
-- Philip H. Corboy, Corboy & Demetrio, Chicago, IL

"Down to earth advice for the advocate. Keith Evans' book provides important, down-to-earth advice and guidance for both the novice and experienced advocate. Having adjudicated many, many cases, I wish every advocate would review these practical rules for effective advocacy. All advocates will benefit from this helpful book."
-- Jay Grenig, Arbitrator

"Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers is a superb how-to book for the trial lawyer. The author, Keith Evans, walks the reader through the essentials of effective trial advocacy, teaching every step of the way while at the same time never sounding the slightest bit like a lecturer. The scope of the book -- everything from what to wear in the courtroom to writing a trial brief -- is truly impressive, yet the author maintains a tone that is refreshingly readable. The author never loses sight of the underlying rules of evidence, procedure, and ethics, but his real genius is translating those rules into -- as the title says -- common sense rules of advocacy. I wish I had had this book when I was a young lawyer. I highly recommend it."
-- Karl Tegland, author, "Courtroom Handbook on Washington Evidence"

"Advocacy is an art as well as a skill, and Keith Evans presents the rules of mastering that art in a very down to earth manner. Filled with humor and eminently readable, his book is a great introduction for the new lawyer and a wonderful learning tool for the advocate with experience."
-- Sherman L. Cohn, Professor, Georgetown University Law Center (first national President of American Inns of Court)

"Even the most experienced trial lawyer can pick up some new techniques here. I will heartily recommend it to my Trial Advocacy students."
-- Frederick C. Moss, Professor, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University

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