Israel: Precepts for Life Study Guide (Black and White Version) (Paperback)

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Israel: Precepts For Life Study Guide (black and white version)
Have you "striven with God," beloved? You're not alone Beginning with Jacob's wrestling God's angel, Israel's entire history has been a striving with God. But in spite of this striving and because of His original covenant with Abraham, God blessed Israel's twelve sons with a land of their own "that I may dwell among them" (Exodus 25:8). He defended them against enemies, gave them His Law, judges to arbitrate their cases, kings to lead them, and prophets to steer them back when they lapsed into idolatry.
With His favor came accountability. During their worst periods of rebellion God sent prophets with messages that combined threats of judgment with promises of restoration. But one by one Israel persecuted these messengers and even murdered some of them including, at the last, God's only Son, the Lord Jesus.
Today Israel huddles within confines much narrower than the boundary God originally promised. It's surrounded by hostile neighbors, most wanting and some even planning their extinction. The heat has been turned up in this century.
God's promise of restoration holds firm, but Israel will first pass through "Jacob's trouble"- a time of turmoil for Israel, national upheavals, natural and economic disasters, and amplified demonic wickedness for the entire world. This ends when the Messiah returns to claim His rightful throne and inheritance of all nations and "turn godlessness away from Jacob Israel]." Justice and peace will reign from sea to sea; God's glory will fill the earth
Come with me now to learn about this nation that has striven with the very God who destined them to display His glory (Isaiah 49:3). There's much we can learn about our own spiritual lives from them. And this is the nation to watch . . . in the end times we're in
The time is short, beloved. Darkness approaches . . . but then Light Are you "prepped" for this?
-- Kay Arthur.

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