Rawhide Jake: Learning the Ropes (Paperback)

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Convict. Detective. Lawman. On the wild American frontier, no man's path is straight and narrow, and Jonas V. Brighton's is no exception. Like many Western lawmen-even those with names like Earp and Hickock-he hails from hardscrabble roots and does what he has to in order to survive... even if it means breaking the rules from time to time. When he lands in a Kansas prison due to two horse-theiving friends, though, he has plenty of time to think about his future.

Following his release, Brighton encounters Jennie Hudson, a beautiful and feisty young private detective working for the local police. Sparks fly, and they soon embark on a wild and wooly partnership as both detectives and lovers. Their cases together make national headlines, only not the kind that are good for business. Mired in controversy, they go their separate ways.

Armed with his newfound experience, Brighton strikes out on his own. He ends up in Texas, where his reputation for undercover work and accuracy with a gun lands him a new job as a stock detective. Teamed with an old hand named Wes Wilson to learn the ropes, they're a duo tougher than boot leather, ridin' high and ridin' proud, ridin' down rustlers and pulling each other from the jaws of death more times than you can shake a stick at.

A gritty Western tale inspired by the real-life adventures of the lawman who would go on to shout down infamous outlaw Ike Clanton of Tombstone fame, Rawhide Jake: Learning the Ropes is as real and authentic as you can get.

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ISBN: 9781633738591
ISBN-10: 1633738590
Publisher: Hat Creek
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 248
Language: English