Love Sharing (Paperback)

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By Linda
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There's nothing better than finding a cute girl to be your girlfriend,
and Okazaki hit the jackpot with Madoka, the club president of the
economics club Even though he's a newbie member, they've rushed into
full-blown make out sessions and more than just stocks are rising
between the two professing their love for each other. What Okazaki
doesn't know is that this economics club practices some insider trading
and Madoka is the blue chip that all the other members desire. Okazaki
wants to monopolize her all to himself, but Madoka professes that she
wants to be shared to feel a hundred times better, and she wants him to
join for unlimited growth

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ISBN: 9781634423175
ISBN-10: 1634423178
Publisher: FAKKU
Publication Date: March 27th, 2022
Pages: 204
Language: English