Faith Around the Watercooler: 30-Day Devotional for Cubicle Dwellers (Paperback)

Faith Around the Watercooler: 30-Day Devotional for Cubicle Dwellers By II Thomas, Ozie Wayne Cover Image
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On the Serengeti, the watering hole brings together animals great and small. Sometimes it is peaceful, but other times conflicts flare. In the office, the watercooler brings together accountants, marketers, operations, and many others. They bring their hopes, fears, and worries as they stop by for a drink. They may pretend all is well, but deep down, a storm may be brewing.

This modern office environment can be draining. Days are full of meetings, phone calls, spreadsheets, slide decks, and sidebar conversations. After all those tasks are completed, the real work has to be handled, and workers can quickly find themselves worn out. Many times, the watercooler is the only oasis in the office jungle. It provides a place of refreshment and fellowship with other team members. While the cool water's relief is temporal, the good news is the Good News absolutely applies to the office.

Faith Around the Watercooler shares how cube dwellers can apply Sunday's lessons to the week's office problems. Topics from trust to humility to attitude are unfolded and discussed. This devotional book includes thirty typical office situations, and it shares biblical advice for each scenario. It leaves readers with a few thought-provoking questions and scriptures for further meditation. This book will encourage readers with its conversational approach. Grab a cup of coffee, lock your computer, and spend a few minutes to see Jesus at work

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ISBN: 9781639617333
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Publication Date: March 8th, 2022
Pages: 78
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