Wannabes (Paperback)

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By Mitchell Martinez, Samir Simao (Illustrator)
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Wannabes is an ongoing action-packed series for all ages that follows the attempted rise of a new hero and a new villain in a world full of superheroes. Written and created by Mitchell Martinez, Wannabes is published by Scout Comics. 

Jordan and Walt love comics, especially those that follow the adventures of their favorite real-life superheroes! Jordan idolizes the high ideals and selflessness of the more noble heroes, but Walt prefers the street-level vigilantes who punish the bad guys with crippling force. When the fifteen-year-olds decide to don ski masks and patrol their neighborhood to become heroes themselves, they are easily beaten by a mugger and narrowly escape becoming stabbing victims themselves. Undeterred, they try again, but this time there are guns, and this time there are radioactive canisters, and this time... well read the trade of Wannabes to find out! 

About the Author

Born and raised in Stockton, California, Mitchell has loved superheroes all of his life, and that passion and a love for writing led him to want to create his own comic book series. The idea for the hero of Wannabes, “Zapster” came to him in middle school, but it wasn’t until he attended California State University in Sacramento that he found a company called Scattered Comics, which represents freelance creators. With the help of the company’s founder, Jason Dube, he was able to find his artist, Samir Simao, though this was after his first artist suddenly left the production of issue 1 with no explanation. After commissioning enough art to put two issues together, he pitched his comic to several publishers, and one of them was Scout Comics, as Jason knew one of its editors and creators, Andrea Molinari. Further refinement was done on the title, including changing the original comic and character’s names, and finally, Wannabes emerged in its improved state.

A native of Brazil, some of Samir’s most recent work can be seen in Descending Outlands from Evil Kat Studios. His extensive portfolio can be seen online at DeviantArt.com/SamirSimao. 

Product Details
ISBN: 9781639691944
ISBN-10: 1639691944
Publisher: Scoot Comics
Publication Date: December 31st, 2030
Pages: 94
Language: English