32 Caliber (İboo Classics #1) (Hardcover)

32 Caliber (İboo Classics #1) By Donald McGibeny Cover Image
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The story is narrated by the hero, Bupps, who is an amateur detective and professional lawyer. His sister Helen is in the throes of a painful and acrimonious divorce with her husband Jim who also happens to be Bupps' best friend. She is now involved in a torrid affair with a man called Frank Woods who, as Bupps discovers doesn't enjoy a very clean reputation. Woods is a war-profiteer and his transactions have a seamy side. Things take a menacing turn when Jim is found mysteriously dead in a car accident. Bupps' suspicious are aroused by certain strange circumstances that occurred during the accident. From here on, the plot takes readers on a roller coaster ride through sinister Bolshevik conspiracies, high society country clubs and deadly pursuit through barren landscapes, ending in a most unexpected denouement.

Told in first person, the book's hero exemplifies the typical pulp hero - tough, uncompromising and smart, yet with a tender heart beneath Modern-day readers may recognize the forbears of James Bond and countless other best-seller heroes in 32 Caliber.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781641810210
ISBN-10: 1641810211
Publisher: Iboo Press
Publication Date: October 18th, 2017
Pages: 138
Language: English
Series: İboo Classics