Dancing for an Audience of One (Paperback)

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Dancing for An Audience of One will give insight to the praise dance minister and those who aspire to dance for the Lord, a greater understanding of who and why we dance. This book will teach and instruct on the principles of who we dance for. The readers will get a better understanding of dancing for God and not for show. It is my conviction, and I hope that for many other praise dancers that this will be their conviction as well-that we are not entertainers, we are not performers, but we are dance ministers. We are here to reach souls for Christ through the ministry of dance God is ultimately the reason why we dance, and when dancing for Him, we should come with reverence and humility knowing that He is to be lifted up and given the highest praise and worship during our ministering.

It's easy to lose focus when the enemy makes light of who and why we dance. No, you are not dancing for Mom or Dad. No, you are not dancing for Ma-Ma or even Pop-pop. You are not dancing for the co-worker that you invited or even for the pastor. You are dancing for God, the One who gave his life for you on the cross. All others are what I call beneficiaries and supporters, which are needed.

However, keep focus on dancing for God first. This book that you hold will reveal some things about the dance ministry that you may or may not have known, but after reading this book, you will be able to see some of the tricks that the enemy will play. You will have a better understanding of why you dance and who you are dancing for. You will learn a few things even about yourself as a dance minister that we all have encountered at dance practice or outside of dance practice.

Knowing that our bodies are temples and are being used to speak to God and His people through movement is an awesome privilege. Dancing for God breaks strong-holds, lifts spirits, encourages, rebukes, discipline, touches a heart, and can make a difference between being lost and coming to the marvelous light.

This book, although it was written with the dance minister in mind, reaches across ministries and can be helpful to any ministry within the church of Jesus Christ.

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