The River Always Wins: Water as a Metaphor for Hope and Progress (Hardcover)

The River Always Wins: Water as a Metaphor for Hope and Progress By David Marquis Cover Image
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A meditation on movement of both society and nature, based on the author's experiences as an activist. In short, aphoristic chapters, Marquis explores the power of force and collectivity through the metaphor of water. As an activist, David Marquis founded the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve in Dallas, and has consulted with the Texas Conservation Alliance since 2011. He brings an unerring belief in the connective and healing power of nature to The River Always Wins.

"The River Always Wins is an arts-based project--book, music, video, stage, audio book, and visual--designed to inspire people to come together to create positive, lasting social change."
--David Marquis

About the Author

David Marquis is a long-time committed activist for environmental and social change in the Dallas area. During the 1980's he traveled to El Salvador, Nicaragua, South Africa, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines to study and to participate in freedom movements in those countries. He has written and performed nine original one person stage plays, which he has toured to 41 of the 50 states. His trilogy I AM A TEACHER toured for 20 years and later became a book (Simon & Schuster), which was a Critic's Choice in Time magazine and the basis for the Be A Teacher, Be A Hero public service ad campaign. He founded the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve in Dallas and currently is the technical advisor on water issues to the Environmental Commission of the City of Dallas.His book-length lyric essay The River Always Wins was published by Deep Vellum in 2020, and the follow-up volume The River of Goodness will be published in early 2024. Marquis grew up on the high, dry plains of West Texas listening to family stories of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, of World War II and starting over after years of lean times. To his family he owes his love of a good story, his sense of social justice, his ties to nature and the land, and his first-hand experience with strong women and men. He dedicates his work to his four grandchildren, that he may leave the world a better place for them and their generation.

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