The Waterman Chronicles: Rise of the Elementals (Paperback)

The Waterman Chronicles: Rise of the Elementals By Patrick Harris Cover Image
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Near 500 years ago, the Aztec empire forged seven powerful artifacts for their god. But then the Spanish arrived. As Cortez and his conquistadors invaded the empire, a band of Aztecs ran north to hide the artifacts in the sands of Red Springs, Nevada. It is there, 500 years later, that a group of high school students stumble upon the most powerful of the artifacts. With a single cut and giving of blood, Eric Atl and his friends are gifted with powers over the planet: air, earth, fire, flora, and water.

Now able to control water, Eric dons the mantle of Waterman to save his city. With the aide of his confidant, Melissa, Eric soon discovers dark forces clawing for the surface to reclaim what the Aztecs buried and Eric found. They want it...and they want him.

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ISBN: 9781646067107
ISBN-10: 164606710X
Publisher: Sunburst Sagas
Publication Date: May 15th, 2019
Pages: 444
Language: English