Canyon Quest (Last Chance Detectives #1) (Paperback)

Canyon Quest (Last Chance Detectives #1) By Jim Ware Cover Image
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In the first book of the series, readers will learn about God's sovereignty and how things work together for good.

The Exciting Start of the Last Chance Detectives

A dry, forsaken blip on the edge of civilization. That's what Mike Fowler thinks of the little town of Ambrosia in the Arizona desert. He has no friends, no fun, and no answers to the agonizing disappearance of his dad in a top-secret military mission. But that could all change after Mike stumbles onto his dad's puzzling journal in the old B-17 out back.

The mysterious coded entries in the journal lead him to a hidden canyon rimmed with strange lights in the sky, muffled voices, and a knife he's sure belongs to his dad Something big--maybe a covert military operation--is going on in that secluded canyon. And Mike is sure if he just follows the clues, he'll find his dad. But with each new discovery, he and his daring companions--Ben, Spence, and Winnie--land in more and more danger.

It's the case of their young lives. Now if only they only live to escape it

Get to know The Last Chance Detectives
  • Mike: Fearless and bold, his leadership spurs the group on--sometimes into danger
  • Winnie: She knows the desert like the back of her hand and has a nose for news.
  • Ben: His imagination makes him a great problem solver.
  • Spence: A technical genius, he's the brains of the outfit.
Together, these four friends won't stop until the mystery is solved.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781646070503
ISBN-10: 164607050X
Publisher: Focus on the Family Publishing
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English
Series: Last Chance Detectives