A Quotidian Quash: From Mental Hygiene to Mental Health 1969-2012 (Paperback)

A Quotidian Quash: From Mental Hygiene to Mental Health 1969-2012 By Dorian Redus Cover Image
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This manuscript was not supposed to go public. However, because it was written in three joined parts and over two consecutive years, there was a problem as to what to call it chronically, 1969-2011 or 1969-2012. So the author chose the latter.

Author, Mr. Redus, has looked into the cathode ray tube of his soul to find his way out of his "commonplace silencing." (It is what A Quotidian Quash really means). Actually, in his book, the evolving cosmological TV energy of his puzzling psychiatric history from junior college years to decades as a psychiatric inpatient unfolds and jumps. A Quotidian Quash also puts forth two new cosmic theories, RCTVU (relativistic color television universe) and STS (space-time sphere), as Mr. Redus also "blows the whistle" on California's Department of State hospitals for being a psychiatric minatorial minotaur masquerading as a menial mentor.

There is evidence of his many past psychiatrists' paranoia in this book, but when his psychiatric future arrives, his tomorrow, comes to us as his RCTVU theory, pristine and virgin, it is excellent and okay as it puts itself in his creative hands. Moreover, it requires that we have learned something from our evolutionary yesterday or from God in and subtly outside of his book's other speculative theory, STS theory.

This is a book of many therapeutic letters mostly to his California therapists. And in it, we learn that they were so very interested in recording "something wrong" with him, their long-term psychiatric patient, Mr. Redus, that there became "something very obviously paranoid and wrong" with how all of his California therapists treated him, their long-term psychiatric patient, from the start of his treatment to the finish of my treatment with them.

Mr. Redus was sequestered by psychiatrists who were checked and balanced only by their own inappropriate oblivion to their regular mistakes and convenient misstatements.

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