The Revelation of Jesus Christ!: Seven Years That Changes Our World Forever! (Paperback)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ!: Seven Years That Changes Our World Forever! By Thomas Abbott Cover Image
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Present Earth-Present Heaven-Near Future 7 years that changes our world forever Tribulation: Israel-Satan-antichrist-God Rapture - Wrath - Harlot - Return Christ's 1000-year earthly kingdom Great white throne judgment New heaven and new earth Even so come Lord Jesus In 2030 the Christian Church will have existed for 2000 years. On the horizon, a dark cloud approaches. Revelation is the door revealing the events, the dangers, the dramatic changes, the coming fear; the life and death circumstances that will engulf our world. If we are not ready, we too will be among the deceived. God has recorded for us in the Book of Revelation what He is about to bring upon our planet. Are you ready? Thomas, the author, resides in Missouri. He was born in Indiana and grew up in South Florida. Since becoming a minister, he and his wife, Pauline, have lived in PA, NY, MI, and MS. They love to travel, having visited most of the U.S. Having studied the book of Revelation for over 25 years, Thomas says "it is time to present an 'orderly' and 'consecutive' account of God's truths recorded in this wonderful book of the Bible " "I warn you", Thomas says, "this book is not for the faint of heart nor for those who are unwilling to seriously consider its promises and warnings. Reading it will give you a clear understanding about what God is about to accomplish in our world. For those who take warning, there is great reward For those who reject or procrastinate, great loss

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ISBN: 9781662842832
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Publication Date: April 10th, 2022
Pages: 308
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