I Am Drenched in the Blood of Jesus Christ: Blood Bought, Blood Stained, Blood Washed (Paperback)

I Am Drenched in the Blood of Jesus Christ: Blood Bought, Blood Stained, Blood Washed By Anthony B. Powell Cover Image
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Blood gives the body life. Jesus Christ's blood gives the soul eternal salvation and life. The fundamental, powerful realization behind this concept found in author Anthony (Tony) Powell's book, I AM DRENCHED IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST: BLOOD BOUGHT, BLOOD STAINED, BLOOD WASHED, begins when we become aware of the dramatic difference between being drenched, as opposed to merely sprinkled, with the blood of Jesus Christ. God wants us to be entirely drenched in the blood of His Son, until His Spirit and breath course through our veins like blood itself, supplying us with the true power, authority, and strength of the Godhead that dwells in all of us. Powell's graphic image of salvation contained in this inspirational book aims for the goal of providing readers with complete awareness of the precious price Jesus Christ paid at the cross so we all can "plead the blood," and access redemption. This redemption was given the exact moment that Jesus Christ's blood was spilled, effectively drenching us all, washing our sins away, and buying our eternal salvation. Pleading the blood of Jesus Christ is a statement of our faith about what happened at Calvary, and offers us true baptism into the Holy Spirit's power, authority, and everlasting love for mankind. Within this blood baptism, our spirits are effectively prepared to deal with any of life's challenges and spiritual warfare we will face. Anthony (Tony) Powell gave his life to Jesus Christ in July 1999. In His Image Christian Ministries (IHICM) ordained and commissioned him as an Elder to teach and preach the word and to administer the sacraments, ordinances and other church functions. He serves at IHICM in various capacities such as Elder, Teacher, Evangelism and Scholarship Ministries. He is also a faculty member and a Prophetic Presbyter of Bishop R.S. Walker Ministries School of the Prophets. Additionally, he is the author of I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

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ISBN: 9781662871962
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Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: April 10th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English