Poetry plus MaxD Physics: A New Physics with an Exact-Numbers Base (Paperback)

Poetry plus MaxD Physics: A New Physics with an Exact-Numbers Base By Edwin E. Hatch Cover Image
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Proof of exact and consistent numbers is the unification of very many diverse relationships. For instance, my introduction of my Hatch Gauge Constant, defined as the Maxwell's dimensions of G expressed in electron-scale units, presented unsupassed picture s of the many roles of the fine structure constant. Simple Maxwell dimensions give us the much desired exact values in almost in place they are applied. My MaxD constant reflects this general applicability. Again, I show That MaxD gives consistant and exact numbers. In short, a new Physics.

About the Author

I retired in 1991 at 55 after 25 years as a cuomputer systems programmer/analist. I retired as early as possible due to my brother Ron. Ron (Ronald R. Hatch known worldwide for his key role in the precision we enjoy with the use of GPS.) convinced me that I would enjoy what he had necessarily learned from the implimentation of what is probably the highest precision application of known physical effects in such areas as gravitational and velocity effects on measured time and and measured distance. Understanding these real effects was essential to the remarable precision of our modern GPS.

He convinced me that precision and consistency needed sensible updating. With a very limited background in physics, from 1987 to 19197 I read, read, and read much of the significant literature. I particularly enjoyed the works of James Clerk Maxwell.

While major experiments were clearly not my area of expertease, analysing data for generation of meaningfull understanding was what I was best at, The data was rapidly improving, and by the late 1990s I was making significant progress. By 2002 I had derived significant new visability of the meaning of some of the most significant data.

In The last 20 years (by 2019) I had reached a goal i had only dreamed of--a physics based on eact numbers. The current work is a first attempt at a brief summary of the implications.

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