The Sex Positions: Improve and Spice up Your Sex Life, Reduce Stress and Lose Weight with the Sex Positions (Paperback)

The Sex Positions: Improve and Spice up Your Sex Life, Reduce Stress and Lose Weight with the Sex Positions By Victoria Laymond Cover Image
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It is a great reference to have for all of the times that you plan to have SEX and want to try something new and have the know-how of what to expect with each position that you attempt.

Do you feel bored of the same sex experience with your partner every time?
Do you want to Lose Weight by learning and practicing exciting new sex positions?
Do you want to Reduce day life Stress spicing up your Sex Life?
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If you are looking for the perfect book that can help you to spice up your sex life, then 'The Sex Positions' is just what you're looking for. No matter what skill level you are with sex, we have the perfect positions for the Beginner, Advanced, and Expert

The book starts out by giving you an explanation of what Sex is and how it can affect your personal life and job performance. Next, we will explain how you are able to lose weight by having Sex and everything that is involved. We will then discuss all of the sexual positions that are known to give some degree of exercise that'll help to lose weight. Next, we will go into the frequency of sex and how the amount of times you have sex plays an important role in all of it.
Finally, the final chapter will give you the advantages and disadvantages of having Sex.

What do you exactly will get from this book?

  • Learn How to Reduce Stress and Develop Muscles From constantly Having Sex
  • New Sexual Positions for Beginners, Advanced and Experts
  • Specific Workout Advices for any Position
  • Know the Benefits from Having Sex with Scientific Explanations
  • Spice up and Improving your Love Relationship and Increasing the Passion
  • A book For Everyone and for Every Age

Following reading The Sex Positions you will have gained an increase in the sex knowledge that can't be found anywhere. It is your main reference if you want to lose weight and reduce stress by having Sex and enjoy life with your partner.

Do you want more intimacy for your relationship? What are you waiting for?

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ISBN: 9781677928255
ISBN-10: 1677928255
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 20th, 2019
Pages: 70
Language: English