The Shabbat Angels (Paperback)

The Shabbat Angels By Maxine Segal Handelman, Joani Keller Rothenberg (Illustrator) Cover Image
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In this modern retelling of the Shabbat angel's legend, Esther and Chaim's family is put to the test

Each week, the Shabbat angels visit homes around the world, blessing the ones that honor the Shabbat. "May next Shabbat be just like this one " Tov, the angel of good, will say. But if they find a home where Shabbat is dishonored, then the opposite angel, Rah, gets a turn: "May next Shabbat be just like THIS one "

Whenever the angels have visited Chaim and Esther's family, the angels have seen laughing children, warmth, and Shabbat peace. But this week, Esther and Chaim have had a terrible disagreement, and there are no smiles- only a family with angry and sad faces.

Will the Angel Rah get his way? Will Shabbat peace disappear from the family's home forever?

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ISBN: 9781681155203
ISBN-10: 1681155206
Publisher: Apples & Honey Press
Publication Date: April 6th, 2016
Pages: 32
Language: English